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  • Amelia Redhead

Collagen | Your need-to-know SKINformation

Collagen waters, powder and tablets seem to be on every shelf and on influencers sponsored posts but what even is collagen, how do these products work and what do you need to be taking?

What is the function of collagen?

Collagen provides structure and support within the skin, and it naturally degrades as you ages loosing on average 1% per year from the age of 20. This hugely impacts the firmness and elasticity to your skin.

How can you boost collagen?

In order to truly stimulate new collagen, you need to damage the dermis (bottom layer of skin) causing the skin to trigger a ‘wound heeling response’. As the skin starts to heel and repair it grows new collagen and wakes up the existing collagen to create firmer fuller skin.

What affect do topical products have?

You can buy many different collagen boosting / stimulation products however they can’t always penetrate deep enough to have a long-lasting effect on the skin. I often find a product containing hyaluronic acid more beneficial as this plumps and hydrates the surface of the skin.

Why supplement?

I’m a big believer is supplementing for optimum nutrition, not only does taking a collagen supplement help your skin, not just on your face but your whole body, it’s also great for bones, hair and nails. Collagen powders are great to add into orange juice or smoothies and are easily digestible. When looking at collagen powders opt for 100% with no additives or fillers. I often add bovine powder to my morning smoothie, I used Edible Health because it doesn’t contain any other nasties. However coming into Winter, I take a collagen tablet (because I don’t like cold smoothies in winter) so just having a tablet to swallow is more convenient. The collagen supplement, Hair, Skin & Nails I use is now clinically proven to reduce fine line and wrinkles by boosting collagen products, which is great it has the research behind it. I know this is also a firm favourite of a lot of my clients and they’ve seen amazing results in their skins elasticity.

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