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  • Laura Costello

Embracing Total Wellness: A Recap of Our FASCIA, FLOW & FACIALS Event with Barrecore Leeds and SABLE

Last Sunday (14th January) we hosted our FASCIA, FLOW & FACIALS workshop with Barrecore Leeds. This unique gathering was dedicated to the restoration and rejuvenation of the body and skin, focusing on the release of fascia through dynamic movement and the art of facial fascia release. Perfect for a post-festive season detox!

The workshop commenced with a body focused session led by the expert Barrecore trainer who guided the group through a series of movements specifically designed to target and release tension in the fascia; the intricate web of connective tissue that plays a crucial role in our body's mobility and flexibility.

Following this, our skilled therapist led a self performed deep cleanse, exfoliation and facial fascia release through Gua Sha massage to provide a holistic approach aimed at easing tension and restoring balance to the facial muscles and connective tissue. Through gentle, specialised techniques, our dolls were able to unwind and nurture their skin, embracing a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.

The seamless integration of fascia release for the body with the art of facial fascia release created a harmonious and comprehensive wellness experience. As we reflect on FASCIA, FLOW & FACIALS, we are inspired to continue crafting workshops to help our dolls bring self-care to the forefront of their daily lives.

Thank you for being a part of our FASCIA,

FLOW & FACIALS event, and here's to embracing wellness, inside and out! Keep an eye out for our next SABLE x Barrecore event!


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