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  • Laura Costello


Our recent post about our nostril (or nasal) wax results sparked some controversy on the gram, so we thought we should explain what this treatment entails and it’s benefits - so you can understand why it’s something we offer on our treatment menu….

Professional nostril waxing is a grooming technique that involves removing the unwanted superficial hair from the opening of the nasal cavity, using a specialised wax; we use hot was which is super gentle and virtually painless!

Here are some benefits of professional nostril waxing:

⭐️ Longer-lasting results: Unlike other hair removal techniques, nasal waxing ensures that hair is removed from the root, which means that the results last longer.

⭐️ Better hygiene: Excess hair in the nasal cavity can trap dirt, bacteria, and other particles, leading to infections. Nasal waxing helps to remove such hair, promoting better hygiene.

⭐️ Improved breathing: Nasal hair plays an important role in trapping dust and other particles, but excessive hair can also impede breathing. Nasal waxing helps to remove excess hair, making it easier to breathe. This is a good one if you exercise regularly or play a lot of sports!

⭐️ Reduced irritation: Trimming nasal hair with scissors or other tools can lead to irritation and even nicks and cuts. Nasal waxing, on the other hand, is a gentle process that minimises irritation.

⭐️ More comfortable: Many people find that nasal waxing is a more comfortable option compared to other hair removal techniques, such as plucking or trimming.

⭐️ Confidence: This treatment is especially popular with our male clientele. They tell us they feel more confident knowing there are no ‘spiders legs’ dangling out of their nose and its one thing less they need to worry about. Let’s not dull their sparkle!

Come try this treatment for yourself; we think you’ll be surprised by the results!

Please note: It is important to note that nasal waxing should only be performed by a trained professional to minimise the risk of injury or infection.

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