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  • Amelia Redhead


Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Get the down low on our facials, which one is best suited for your skin and why it will become your monthly must have!

Our 45 minute facials are designed to pack a punch on your lunch break, treating your skin concerns and leave you feeling relaxed and recharged!

CLEAR FACE aka the deep cleanse is designed for oily and congested skin. Starting with ultrasonic deep cleanse & extractions, to smooth and decongest the skin. Followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin and post inflammatory pigmentation. High Frequency is next, which kills the acne causing bacteria. Ice Globe sooth and smooth the skin.

Next up we have DEWY FACE aka ultimate hydration, perfect for dull, lack lusted skin. We’ll transform your skin with this facial focusing on removing a build-up of dead skin and debris to revile your inner glow. A lymphatic massage drains away puffiness and stimulates circulation leaving skin radiant and refreshed.

Finally our favourite, BABY FACE aka lifting & firming! Designed to lift, tighten, and sculpt. Starting with our firming facial massage, tension will instantly be relieved and muscles sculped. We then using our unique lifting device, we apply electrical stimulation to strengthen, lift and tone the facial muscles giving you the perfect snatch jaw! We then drench the skin with hydration, taking years off your skin.

All our facials start with a double cleanse & exfoliation using both chemical enzyme and physical exfoliation to melt away dull dead skin and our signature SABLE facial massage. This hands on firming facials massage lifts, tones and sculpts leaving your skin feeling worked out!

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