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  • Amelia Redhead


Dewy Face

This facial provides the ULTIMATE HYDRATION for your skin, feeling like you’ve lost your vibrancy? Dull, lacklustre skin is transformed with this facial, focusing on removing build-up of dead skin and debris, to revive your inner glow. A re-energising lymphatic massage drains away puffiness and stimulates circulation, leaving skin radiant and refreshed.

Like all of POWER FACIALS, we start with a double cleanse with added ultra sonic technology to break down surface congestion, followed by manual extraction to remove blackhead. We then exfoliate with a dual exfoliator, using physical and AHA. You can UPGRADE your exfoliation to the INSTANT PAINLESS PEEL, watch your dead skin melt away and roll off and reveal smooth radiant skin, no down time, no discomfort, just a bloody good GLOW.

Next comes our infamous facial massage, lifting and smoothing your skin. Stimulating blood flow bringing that much needed oxygen to your skin cells. Then comes the DEWY FACE holy grail, our lymph drainage cups. Working on the fascia, the layer of connective tissue which sits between the skin and muscle. This cupping massage drains the lymphatic system, helping de-puff and detoxify the skin, leaving you smooth and radian.

Finally a dreamy hot towel removes excess oil and we finish with hydrating serum, moisturiser and SPF. This facial leaving you with skin like glass ✨

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